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1 dead, 3 injured in meat market explosion

June 13, 2012, 8:46 p.m.

Bembis Meat Market, where Wednesday night's explosion took place, killing one and injuring at least three. (Screenshot via Google Maps)

Authorities say three people were injured and one person died in a South Los Angeles explosion on Wednesday night.

City fire spokesman Matt Spence said the explosion took place around 6:30 p.m. at Bembis Meat Market. Spence added that it wasn't clear what exploded or exactly where the blast happened, but there was no fire and no subsequent explosions occurred.

"At this point what we do know is there was a single explosion of an unknown gas cylinder to the rear of the [market]," he told KPCC.

At the time, Spence said four people had been injured – two male and two female. Later, Sergeant Larry Martinez of Newton Division confirmed one fatality. "One person did die from it," he told OnCentral, describing it as an "industrial accident."

Spence added that, per standard procedure, an arson investigation team is sweeping the site, and that LAPD and L.A. County Hazmat were also part of the investigation.

The city fire spokesman had no further information concerning the victims.

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